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Who is Dareex for? 

Our tool is designed for all ‘brick-and-mortar’ retail businesses. We are especially focused on industries such as fashion and luxury, where sales are directly generated by a sales funnel based on the interaction between the sales team and customers.


Is Dareex focused on customer behaviour?

No, Dareex is focused on the behaviour of your salespeople, enabling you to map how they interact with customers.


How does it work?

Dareex allows staff to register when a customer is approached, when that customer is led to a product try-on and when the product is sold​.


Which metrics are generated?

Dareex provides store traffic coverage, try-on rate and sales conversion rate. The metrics are split by working hour, by store and by salesperson.

Are Dareex metrics based on statistical data?

No, Dareex metrics are based on actual interactions. Moreover, Dareex allows you to clean your store traffic data from false-positive walk-ins such as solicitors, technicians or other staff entering the store.

Which Privacy Regulations is Dareex compliant with?

Dareex technology is compliant with both EU and US current regulations.. No sensitive data about salespeople, customers or organisation is ever recorded by our technology.

Is Dareex a pure SaaS company?

Our service combines IoT technology, a web platform and a mobile app. We therefore describe ourselves rather as a IoTaaS (Internet of Things as a Service) company.

How does Dareex make use of IoT?

We provide each salesperson with a small, discrete IoT device.

Does Dareex offer multi-level user access?

Our apps are designed to let each person in your organisation see only what it’s needed to see. Available user levels include: salesperson, store manager, area manager, country manager, regional executive, corporate executive.

Is Dareex available in white-label?


Yes, it is.

Can Dareex be integrated with third-party traffic monitoring systems?

Yes, Dareex can integrate any traffic monitoring system tool through APIs.

Can Dareex be integrated with corporate single sign-on (SSO)?

Yes, it can.

Can Dareex be integrated with my corporate reporting tools?


Yes, Dareex can be integrated with any reporting tool.

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