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Use Cases

A few examples of what you can use Dareex for

Traffic Coverage

Store traffic is a precious, non-renewable resource:  the mere act of a person entering a physical store is a strong expression of purchasing intent.

Dareex allows Retailers to discover if all customers are taken care of, when (by the hour, salesperson and store) and why the traffic is not fully exploited.

Our data can be integrated with any traffic counting system already installed in the store.

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Product Try-On:

tryon rate desk.png

Product try-on is crucial for the customer's purchasing decision. The more customers try your product on, the more they buy.

Dareex analyses how each salesperson performs in leading customers to a product try-on: we record the number of product try-ons generated by each salesperson and when they take place.

Data are compared with the customer approaches to evaluate individual skills within the sales team and assess performances in this crucial phase of the selling process.


The ability to close a sale is a skill that every good salesperson should master.

Dareex analyses how each salesperson performs in closing their sales.

Thanks to our tool, retail management can finally assesses performances in this final stage of the selling process, where the difference is made between a won or a close sale.

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Conversion Rate

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Optimal conversion rate is always the product of an effective sales process.

Dareex brings light to the last-mile data your store couldn't tackle before: by recording the salespeople's try-on rate, we can compare it with the final sales data and return an accurate conversion rate truly reflecting each salesperson's closing skills.

Management can now take meaningful actions and support their people through training sessions aimed at staff members who might need them the most.

Sales training

Dareex is the northern stars of your training programs. 

Our AI can help you identify the individual needs of each sales person, so that you can plan tailor-made trainings for your sales team and verify immediately their effectiveness. 


Additionally, every user receives custom suggestions to improve his individual performance or its team's

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Feed turned on (1).png
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Store Planning:

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